52 Weeks of Color Challenge

Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 006 - Yellow in the Trenches

Okay, I have the lamest titles sometimes, but whatev. Anyway, I was SO excited when Luna Jubilee announced this week's color was yellow. Normally, I'm not a very yellow person, but I have one favorite item that I've had for almost two years. It has some good memories for me and so I haven't gotten rid of it (even though my inventory is busting at the seams). That and it happens to be one of the first items I purchased at long time favorite, Aoharu.

Anyway, here's to keeping dry on this rainy Tokyo day in my yellow trench coat <3

Hair: [elikatira] - Rumor in Brown 08
Skin: Tuli - Audrey in Tone 4
Jacket: Aoharu - Simple Trench Coat in Yellow
Sweater: Hucci - Shrug Turtleneck in Yellow Argyle
Shirt: Hucci - Misha Bodysuit in Black
Jeans: FK Virtues - 23 Grey Jeans (group gift in the subscribe-o)
Shoes: BAX Prestige Boots in Black Leather
Umbrella and Poses: Glitterati

*Disclaimer: Some of the items I'll be showing for the 52 weeks project may not be available any longer.*


  1. I love the trench coat and boots!! Great picture! =)

  2. Thank you Lashae! It gave me a great excuse to break out the coat again.. I always for get I have it. Haha

  3. Rainy day! Love the trench and umbrella combo :)

  4. That is sooooo sexy!! Gosh that trench is amazing.

  5. agrees with all those above! You look so cute with the trench & umbrella combo!!


  6. @ moniq - Hahaha.. it was very fitting for the weather that day! Thanks for the awesome comment <3

    @ Faylinn - Thank you! I love that trench which is why it's one of the few (I use that term loosely) items that have escaped my purges.

    @ Luna - Thank you! It gave me a good excuse to break out the trench and dust it off ;) <3